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Some of Our Clients Include:

  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)
  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
  • URS Corporation
  • Southern Union Gas Services, Inc.
  • Sid Richardson Carbon and Energy Company
  • Intera, Inc.
  • Valero Energy Corporation
  • Valero Refining Company – Texas
  • Shell Oil Products, US
  • Premcor Refining
  • Southwest Airlines


Former Paint Manufacturing Plant, North Texas – Utilized data gathered during a previous pilot study conducted by H2A to recommend and implement active remediation efforts. Utilized Dual Phase Extraction (DPE) with vapor destruction via catalytic oxidizer. Remediation remains ongoing. In less than one year H2A has removed over 14,000 lbs of volatile organic compounds from the subsurface.

Major International Airport, Texas – Currently providing management, reporting, and operation of two fixed base Dual Phase High Vacuum Remediation Systems located at two passenger terminals. The systems consist of 41 extraction wells which are located in the Aircraft Operating Area at the aircraft gates.

Major International Airport, Texas – Mobile Dual Phase Extraction (MDPE). Part of an ongoing effort to comply with the airport’s Environmental Management Plan and an Agreed Order, H2A performed multiple MDPE events in the Aircraft Operating Area, VCP, and Agreed Order areas.

Various Sites, Mid-Continent United States – Conducted over 150 MDPE events at various commercial and industrial sites ranging from 8 hours to several years recovering a wide range of LNAPLs. These sites have operated in numerous operating modes (SVE, Bioslurping, DPE, TPE, etc.) based on site characterization and project objectives. Data analysis and reporting for these projects is conducted utilizing H2A’s HiVac Commander™ software.

Refinery and Pipelines in Residential Neighborhood, Southern Illinois – Implemented extensive NAPL characterization under API guidelines including NAPL Transmissivity, saturations, fluid characteristics and other analyses in support of API predictive recovery modeling. Conducted extensive NAPL extraction pilot testing utilizing multiple technologies. Calculated multiphase ROI for selected Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE) technology. Created innovative remediation design employing decentralized distributed vapor/liquid separation systems within residential areas to accelerate liquid separation and maximize hydrocarbon extraction efficiency in all phases (NAPL, vapor, dissolved). Interfaced with multiple state and federal agencies as part of a multi PRP / multi consultant project team.

Upstream Oil and Gas Company, Midwest US – Designed MDPE system via an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). Prior to design H2A conducted multiple day MDPE pilot tests at each LPST site. H2A used the data collect to design an MDPE system which has been utilized at numerous retail remediation sites.

Pilot Testing / TI Demonstrations

Refinery, St. Louis Area – Conducted multiple step, short-term and long-term pilot tests from multiple wells in a high transmissivity aquifer on the refinery facility to determine the best remediation technology and methods for a large NAPL plume. Analyzed NAPL production potential by calculating NAPL Transmissivities in support of API predictive recovery modeling. Measured observed and calculated predictive ROI in multiple phases (liquid drawdown, vacuum extraction). Presented pilot test results with recommendations to the client. The client then used H2A’s pilot test results to design and implement active remediation efforts at and around the refinery.

Major International Airport – Performed pilot testing on numerous LNAPL plumes to determine best available technology and methods for remediation. The pilot testing has led to the design and full-time operation of an effective remediation system and full scale MDPE events on numerous LNAPL plumes.

Natural Gas Plant, West Texas – Performed pilot test to determine best available technology and methods at a condensate LNAPL plume. Pilot test has led to the design of and future full-time operation of an effective remediation system.

Risk Assessment / Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA)

Project 1000 Brownfield Redevelopment: Former Industrial Site – H2A assisted in this multi-consultant collaborative project by conducting field investigations, performing boring and well installation, and completing risk-based closure calculations under the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) and the Texas Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) program. Produced Affected Property Assessment Reports (APAR).

Refinery, Corpus Christi, Texas area – H2A imported and analyzed extensive groundwater laboratory analytical data for multiple combined areas of concern (AOCs) under the TRRP, then completed TRRP Protective Concentration Level (PCL) calculations and development of a comprehensive groundwater APAR.

Pit Closure, New Mexico – H2A obtained and imported soil analytical collected from a former drip tank and associated below ground tank. H2A then analyzed and developed site specific, risk-based chemical concentration levels that were protective of human health and submitted a closure report.

Bulk Fuel Facility, Texas. VCP – H2A was utilized as the sole source consultant consolidating several UST and AST assessment/remediation projects at the facility into one facility-wide program managed under the TCEQ Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). Assessment activities, including installation and sampling of soil and groundwater from 43 onsite monitoring wells have been completed and provided to the TCEQ as an APAR. Assessment data was used to generate TRRP risk-based closure standards for the site.

Dry Cleaning Facility, North Texas – Calculated all PCLs and completed APAR tables for a release associated with a dry cleaning operations. H2A performed site assessment activities and cleanup to calculated PCLs.

Major International Airport, Texas – H2A analyzed extensive groundwater and soil analytical data for a 300 acre VCP area with multiple AOCs under the TRRP program. H2A then performed PCL calculations and developed comprehensive data tables and provided supporting data analysis documentation for inclusion in the final APAR.

Compliance, Plans, Permitting

SPCC Plans – Authored Spill, Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) plans for oil and gas facilities in the states of Texas and New Mexico.

PI-7 Air Permits, Various sites, Mid-Continent, United States – Filed and/or assisted the filing of air permits in the states of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Discharge Plans, West Texas and New Mexico – Provided research, development and public notification of discharge plans for oil and gas related operations as required by Texas and New Mexico.

Field Support Services

Pipeline Removal Oversight, West Texas – H2A provided Health and Safety guidance while additionally providing technical oversight for the removal of multiple oil and gas pipelines located in the future location of a state highway service road.

Construction Oversight and Management – Major International Airport, Texas – H2A provided oversight and management of potentially contaminated media for the construction of a replacement terminal at the Airport. Approximately 1.75 million cubic yards of soil were excavated and properly disposed of at the direction of H2A. Responsibilities included the coordination of environmental professionals providing the monitoring, oversight, and confirmation sampling operations and management of the plan for field determination, classification, transportation, and disposition of excavated soil, free phase product, contaminated dissolved phase groundwater, and any vapors that may be encountered during the construction of the project. The work entailed both day and night time operations. H2A personnel maintained an electronic database which included quantities of excavated soil, location of contaminated soil excavation and confirmation samples in the airport grid system. This detailed data included PID readings, laboratory analytical results, trucking data, etc.

Major International Airport, Texas – Multiple VCP Sites – H2A assisted in the assessment of two VCP areas one of which covers approximately 300 acres. The assessment included monitoring well and boring installation, groundwater monitoring and sampling, and performing aquifer testing and data analysis.

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