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Advanced Data Analysis

H2A’s scientists and engineers possess the capabilities and experience to conduct detailed scientific analyses of complex data sets and to develop and manage strategic project and program plans.

Strategic Leadership
H2A provides critical strategic and tactical planning and analysis.  We ensure the right information is being collected and analyzed in the right way to minimize excursions and maximize efficiency of progress to completion, whether at the individual facility scale, statewide, nationwide, or internationally.

Strategic Plan
LNAPL Drivers

  • What are the issues?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • What are the drivers?
  • What are the objectives?

Tactical Plan

  • What options are available to address each driver?
  • What metrics, data, and analyses best measure status and progress against trigger and decision thresholds?
  • How can we leverage technologies to identify and implement the most efficient pathway to completion?

Scientific Ingenuity and Technical Advocacy
Our scientists, engineers, and technicians are often called upon to devise new and creative analyses of existing data and invent new software or equipment to solve complex and intransigent problems.

  • Hydrostratigraphs/diagnostic iStock_000019046733_GraphsChartsgauge plots
  • LNAPL transmissivity test standard operating procedures
  • H2AWK LNAPL transmissivity testing systems
  • LNAPL transmissivity implications and endpoints research
  • API Tn baildown test tool coauthor
  • ASTM LNAPL transmissivity & LNAPL conceptual site model teams
  • Battelle, AEHS, IPEC, NGWA, TAEP, USEPA, state agency presentations
  • Applied NAPL Science Review

Sophisticated Data Analyses
H2A’s scientists and engineers understand that raw data can be processed using sophisticated algorithms to identify trends, correlations, and differences that may not be obvious.  We have developed, or are proficient with, multiple software tools to maximize efficiency of these complex analyses.  Selected examples include:

  • Statistical analyses of Pic 3 - Equation Pictureparametric and nonparametric datasets to develop sophisticated descriptive, comparative, associative, and predictive analyses to identify problems and to drive strategic, scientific solutions using multiple software tools including Microsoft Excel®, Analyse-it®, MiniTab®, SigmaPlot®, R and others
  • Geostatistical data analyses and visual modeling to incorporate spatial and stochastic relationships into our analyses of complex datasets using a variety of software tools including ArcGIS®, Surfer®, SGeMS®, SpaceStat®, Leapfrog Hydro®, and others
  • Detailed analyses of cone penetration testing (CPT) data to develop optimal microstratigraphic datasets and micro-detailed vertical and horizontal hydraulic conductivity profiles using proprietary and commercial software including CPeT-IT®, Section Maker®, Voxler®, Surfer®, ArcGIS®, Leapfrog Hydro®, and others
  • Detailed waveform analysis of laser induced fluorescence (LIF) data including ROST®, UVOST® systems for NAPL type identification, and detailed NAPL distribution visualization using Dakota Technology’s Optical Screen Tool (OST®) software
  • LNAPL transmissivity calculation from baildown, slug, manual skimming and ratio tests; from analysis of recovery data for skimming, vacuum enhanced skimming, total fluids pumping, and multi-phase extraction remediation systems; and from LNAPL tracer tests all using a combination of proprietary and industry software tools including the API LNAPL Transmissivity Baildown Test Analysis Tool and proprietary software tools developed by H2A and others
  • Various other detailed analyses of complex data relationships using various proprietary software tools developed by H2A

Litigation and Enforcement Support
Our technical skills and scientific expertise are critical tools we use on behalf of our clients to help their attorneys defend against adverse litigation and enforcement actions, whether to win, mitigate damages, or negotiate and implement orders and judgments.

  • Fact & Expert Witness iStock_000018766927_JusticeScaleTestimony
  • Agreed Order Technical Negotiations
  • Identify Expert Witnesses
  • Technical Testing & Experimentation
  • Team Leadership during Implementation
  • Prepare Written Statements and Evidence
  • Technical Case Development and Evaluation
  • Order/Judgment Strategic Planning and Implementation

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